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EA5 Academy were thrilled to be your support at the British Championships on 28 October 2023. Robbie and Zak enjoyed sharing so many great conversations and seeing the positive experiences of listeners on the day.  

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"It was a real privilege to support the GTUK British Championships and share more memories with students, supporters and instructors. This competition has been a huge part of my life. It was a beautiful experience to share guided audio sessions that continue to enrich my thinking and give me new insights into my own life."

Robbie Wells

Embracing Fear: How Martial Arts helped me achieve personal and professional success. 

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EA5 Academy & GTUK... The History

The history of EA5 and GTUK goes a long way back with Robbie Wells, EA5 Team Member, becoming a GTUK student in 2006. His Taekwon-Do journey has been transformational, training and competing internationally alongside many of the senior instructors for over a decade.

The story continues as EA5 Academy supports GTUK students and competitors with Guided Audio Sessions to enhance mindset, wellbeing and performance.

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Your First Session 

1. Find a quiet & comfortable space.

2. Put on your headphones and click play.

3. Relax and enjoy to feel calm and composed.

Your Second Session

1. Find a quiet & comfortable space.

2. Put on your headphones and click play.

3. Relax and enjoy to feel prepared and ready.

EA5 Guided Audio Session
Taekwon-Do Competition Mindset

Mr Will Dewey on the EA5 Academy...

"I have known my mindset needs work but never knew of any exercises like these guided audio sessions that I could call upon.

I’m feeling significant improvements in my mental health and they’re doing wonders to help me build a more positive mindset, which is, in turn, fuelling gains in my physical performance.

I have already benefited from the efforts so far with a recent championship on the world stage. I’ve got some way to go but with EA5 I know I’m heading in the right direction and I’m so glad to have the EA5 Academy in my corner."

Mr Will Dewey, 5th Degree Black Belt & ITF European Cup Champion 

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Try Mr Dewey's Favourite Academy Session:  

"This 30-minute guided breathing experience was a lifesaver the morning of my competition"

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